The Hot Drinks

  • ESPRESSO Double shot of espresso

  • CAPPUCCINO Espresso base, steamed milk & heavy foam

  • LATTE Espresso base, steamed milk & light foam

  • CAFE MOCHA Double shot of espresso, steamed milk & foam with rich chocolate

  • AMERICAN COFFEE Espresso & steamed water

  • CAFÉ CON LECHE Espresso & steamed milk

  • HOT CHOCOLATE Steamed milk with chocolate

  • HOT TEA Assorted teas to choose from.

  • CORTADO / COLADA Steamed espresso with milk / Steamed espresso with sugar

The Cold Drinks

  • ICED COFFEE Espresso base served over ice & water

  • ICED LATTE Espresso base, milk poured over ice

  • FRAPPE Espresso base, blended with ice & milk