KoffeeologyThe Expresso Bar

Our Services Whether your event is a small gathering or a large affair, our espresso bar can accommodate any service needs. Our specialty Kumaka coffee and skilled barista will make your event a memorable one. The espresso bar comes equipped with:

  • a professional espresso machine,

  • espresso and latte cups,

  • friendly uniformed barista,

  • sweeteners: rock candy sugar sticks, sugar cubes, brown sugar, Equal and Stevia

  • flavored syrups: amaretto, hazelnut, chocolate, caramel, and French Vanilla

  • delivery, set-up, and break down.

KoffeeologyThe Coffee Van

Planning an offsite event? Our coffee van will make the perfect addition to your corporate party, production catering, festival, family reunion or next to the valet parking station to offer guests driving home a good cup of coffee.

The coffee van is equipped with the same items as the coffee station and also comes with bistro tables and chairs for your guests to relax while drinking a delicious cup of coffee al fesco.

Our CoffeeKumaka

We know coffee! We are artisan coffee roasters exclusively serving café Kumaka, straight from our own farm in the mountains of Colombia. Our specialty coffee is roasted in small batches and quickly packed to be distributed fresh.